Potential Fire Hazards That May Ignite

A fire hazard is any source of flames that can spark an uncontrolled large scale fire outbreak. Such sources include flammable chemicals, electrical devices, unattended fires in camping fields and kitchen. It also includes any flammable material that can easily catch fire and propagate to nearby objects thus endangering property and life.

fire extinguisher

Fire hazards are everywhere, these are the fire incident statistics over the years. It is therefore important avoid the disaster by observing laid out safety precautions. It is estimated that firefighters responds to fire alert every 5 seconds globally. Fire related disasters kill 1 person every 8 minutes worldwide.

Fire Hazards at Home
Home environment has the most potential fire hazards.

Open Household Wiring.
Such wires include those conveying electricity, and telephone. Improperly placed wires can cause fires through short circuiting. The electrician should be hired if open wires are discovered.

Electrical devices
Electrical appliances such as oven, toasters, and heaters left unattended for a long time can cause fire outbreaks. A hot iron box negligently left in contact with clothes or wooden surface can lead to fire outbreak.
It’s the unlikeliest source of fires. However, glassy materials have magnifying effect when left in the sunlight’s path. The magnified solar rays’ burns up wood, plastic and other flammable surfaces ignited fires.
Deep frying
Hot oils used in frying food often catch fire when they are close enough with cooking fire. They propagate the flames to other surfaces in the kitchen where it spreads eventually burning a lot of property and even the entire house.
Candles, Cooking Fire, Kerosene Lamps
They pose a major fire hazard because of the open flames. If they accidentally come in contact with other flammable material, they ignite a fire outbreak.
Cigarette buds
Leaving a burning unattended cigarette near flammable material often causes fires. Also recklessly disposed buds can fall on paper, fuels, sawdust and other dry flammable material thus causing widespread fires.
Outdoor activities such as barbequing can leave fire unattended outside after functions such as party. If such fire sources gets out of hand and comes in contact with dry vegetation and paper can lead to enormous fires owing to the large amount of oxygen. These fires can spread over a large region, sometimes the entire neighborhood destroying property.
Fuels used at home such as gas, wood, kerosene and coal possesses a fire hazard. When they come in contact with flames, they magnify the fire igniting other flammable surfaces.

Fire Hazards at the Workplace/Office

Faulty Office Equipment.
Devices used in the office such as heating machinery can cause fires if faulty are used improperly. Faulty devices should be replaced promptly.
Electrical systems.
Includes such sources as naked wires, faulty sockets and overloaded plugs. Electricity sparks are often produced which may land on paper causing fires.
Human errors
Short circuiting and spilling liquids on devices often cause fires. It is one of the frequent sources of fires in offices.
Flammable liquids
Flammable liquids such as adhesives and paints are highly flammable and can cause if they are close sources of fire.
Faulty Fire Alarms.
Fire alarm systems that are not working makes fire spread undetected until it reaches devastating level.
Process Machinery
Production processes that involve burning and heating as well as friction in mechanical parts can be sources of fires.

Prevention Measures

Fire extinguishers and detectors should be kept in functional form. Faulty detectors should be repaired.
The location of fire extinguishers should be conspicuous.
Homes and offices spaces should be designed in such a way that it’s easy for emergency evacuation. And fire extinguisher should always be serviced regularly, passing regulatory checks.
Instructions concerning testing equipment and emergency evacuation should be communicated to the employees.
All flammable materials should be stored carefully away from potential fire sources.
Buildings should be fitted with fire hydrants to mitigate fires.
Both households and office spaces should be well organized.

Add Liveliness To Your Home

If you have been searching for quick and inexpensive tips for home improvement, then I can provide you a few great ones right here. These tips can save you hassle, time, and money in adding more liveliness to your home. Adding new paint or new designs can enhance the appearance of both the interior and exterior home. Read on to find out how these amazing tips helped to inspire me:

* Paint the Front Door, Trim or Shutters

Paint is great for reviving and giving your home a nice fresh look. By painting, this is just a great inexpensive way to brighten your home. I chose bold colors to help my home stand out more. You always want colors to match or blend in well so getting a color chart would be a bit helpful. Before i started my painting project, i made sure that the surfaces were prepared first by sanding out the rough spots. You may choose to prime the wall or buy paint with primer added already. I chose one coat coverage paint because it saved me a lot of valuable time and money combined.

* Replace or Repair Windows

Broken windows can take away from the nice appearance of you home, plus they can raise the cost of your electricity bill because of cracks and holes that let heat and air in or let heat and air escape. I repaired small non-noticeable cracks with clear silicone which allowed the crack to seal. You may choose to repair or replace the windows yourself, but if you are not skilled, then it would be wse to contact a professional window repair service.

* Landscaping

Having a nice landscaped lawn will certainly add a lively appearance to home and property. You may choose flowers for each season. I keep my lawn well maintained all throughout the year. An attractive lawn will add the the value of home and property, add a nice and neat appearance, plus benefit the environment, wildlife, and birds. I chose to be a bit sustainable too by adding a rain garden near the downspouts. During the spring season, I added a garden to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The more color the more liveliness. If you are not skilled at landscaping or lawn maintenance, then there are a wide array of landscaping companies who work year-round.

* Exterior Lighting

Adding more liveliness to your home with exterior lighting can make your home really vibrant at night. I added exterior lighting to my home for two reasons that include enhancing the appearance and safety. If you are not experienced or skilled in working with electricity, gas lanterns or solar lighting, then t would be wise to contact a professional company to get he job done right. Exterior lighting worked perfectly for me.

* Choose A Creative Mailbox

An old, crooked mailbox can subtract from the nice appearance of any home. You can get a brand new one or build a nice artful one your self. I chose to build my own mailbox with wood, then I painted it to add a nice appearance to both home and property. This surely added much curb appeal and he mail delivery service really appreciated the nice updated box.

Interior Rugs and Pillows

You can make your home look more inviting and welcoming by adding some matching throw rugs and throw pillows. I added throw rugs to my hall, living area, and bedroom. I added throw pillows on couch and beds. They helped to liven the appearance of the rooms. I chose colors that matched my interior painting of the rooms.

Outdoor Living Area

I really enjoy my outdoor living area with outdoor fireplace for the winter season. This is a great way to entertain family and friends, plus give your home a lively look. It is great for gathering around, outdoor grilling and much more. It can be used all throughout the year.