Filthy Aircon Filters? Get Them Cleaned!

Buying any property, for example, a car is not the last step towards luxury or guaranteed comfortable life. If anything, that is the beginning of new responsibilities. If you buy a car, you will have to incur fuel and maintenance costs like servicing the car. This is not only true for cars alone but for very many other things including your body. In this article, however, we are not going to talk about cars either about your body. We are going to talk about the importance of cleaning your air conditioner more so its filters as a way of maintaining it.

Why should you clean your air conditioner’s filters?

There are more as to why you should clean your air conditioner’s filters as compared to why you should not. Some of those reasons are discussed below;

To prevent the interior parts of the air conditioner

It is important to note that your air conditioner’s filters can only handle up to a certain amount of dust or dirt. Beyond this, if the filters are already clogged, any more dust or dirt that comes by will find its way into the interior parts of your conditioner. If this happens, chances are that your air conditioner will malfunction. Dust will pass through to the cooling coils and that will totally beat the whole logic of having an air conditioner in your house as that reduces its effectiveness.

Can cause allergic reactions

Apart from attracting dust mites, when dust accumulates on the air conditioner’s filters, it causes it to be smelly. Extra dust that is redistributed into your house can cause irritation especially if you are allergic to dust. You may start experiencing some allergic reactions like sneezing and scratching your body.

Leaving of undesired marks

When the dust has fully filled your air conditioner’s filters, the extra dust might start forming marks on your ceiling board or tiles around the places where the air conditioner is situated. This will mean that you have to incur extra costs of repainting the ceiling or replacing the affected tiles.

Enhances durability

Cleaning the filters means that they won’t be clogged. This not only reduces the damage from the filters themselves but rather the air conditioner as a whole. If the filter is functioning well free from dust and dirt, you can be guaranteed that the air conditioner will serve you for a very long time.

Who should clean your air conditioner’s filters?

The work of cleaning filters should not be done just by anybody. You should hire a professional who is well trained so that quality work is guaranteed and that you don ton have to incur other unnecessary costs. The process of cleaning the air conditioners requires a person with electrical knowledge too and it is another reason why you should hire a professional.


In conclusion, basing on the above discussion, it is important to have aircon servicing singapore. That way its durability would be assured, dust will be prevented from getting to the inner parts of the conditioner and there will be no more undesired marks on your wall amongst many others. Air conditioner’s filters should always be kept clean at all times in that case.