What You Should Do During a Pipe Leakage

When I built my house, there were very many costs that I incurred. Some of those costs included the drainage and generally the plumbing costs. I am not complaining though because plumbing is one area where if not correctly done or with which my life would be miserable. Water is a basic need and its constant supply should always be available. Having said that, it is important to note that by successfully finishing the plumbing exercise in my house it did not guarantee that I had fully done away with plumbing and drainage costs as one can never tell when the pipes might breakdown. Breakdowns could not be anticipated but that did not mean that they could not come. In that note, I want to provide some information in this article of what should be done in case a pipe broke down.

What causes pipe breakdown?

There are many factors that may cause a pipe to break down. I have discussed some of those possible breakdowns below;

Freezing of pipes

This is the major causes of pipe breakdowns. This happens mostly during winter when the temperatures gets extremely low. When the pipe freezes it may eventually break thereby causing water to leak.

Natural causes

Natural causes like tree roots can cause pipe breakdown. When the pipes are laid underground no one anticipates that a tree root might reach it as the roots tend to grow toward the water supply. When this happens, the roots might compress the pipes to bursting thereby causing water leakages and eventually a breakdown occurs.

Collapsing of pipes

This mostly happens when the ground is shook maybe during new construction and the ground is slightly moved.

Water pressure

A sudden change in water pressure might also cause the pipe to break down. Other causes of pipes breakdown include corrosion especially to pipes made of steel and extreme heat. Read more about this here.

What should be done in case of a pipe breakdown problem?

As seen above, pipe breakdown problems cannot be anticipated. In that case, when it happened to me for instance, I immediately sort help from a professional plumber. From experience, trying to sort out the problem alone led to me incurring more costs than I could have in the first place.

There are many advantages of hiring a professional plumber singapore. For example, a professional plumber has the skills and the much needed experience needed to locate, identify and solve the problem. This not only provides efficiency but also durability. When the pipe is fully fixed, it will take much longer time to break down again as compared to if the job is not done by a professional.


In conclusion, in case of a pipe breakdown, the first person to be contacted should be a professional plumber since he has the skills and experience to sort out the issue and fix it. Pipe breakdown can be caused by many factors including overheating of the pipes, corrosion especially if the pipes are made of steel, tree roots and even freezing of the pipes during cold seasons like winter.